Monday, 22 August 2016

September Stress: School, Work, and Social Life.

September is almost here, which means back to school for most people. Like most students, I work a part time job, which is necessary if you need to buy your own school supplies, books, or even pay your own tuition. Thinking about how September is slowly creeping up on us is causing me a lot of anxiety about how the school year is going to be. I spent a lot of time worrying about balance, and wondering how I can keep up with school and work, while still having a social life. I don't handle stress well, so I thought of some ways to keep the school year as calm as possible, and decided to share it with my readers who find it hard to handle stress well! 

Keep an agenda
I've always kept a journal with me to write down what I have to do and when I have to do it. This is such a good way to visually see your schedule. Write down homework, tests, your work schedule, and plans with friends. It'll make planning and time management so much easier. 

For me, school always comes before work. I need to make sure my work place can accommodate my school schedule, not the other way around. School is what I'm doing right now to benefit my future, so work needs to compromise. Also, don't feel bad about the number of shifts you work. Take care of your mental health, even if it just means just working weekends.

Take advantage of your days off
If you have any days off of school or work, take advantage of it. Whether it means alone time, or time with friends, it's important to spend time away from work and school. I find it so hard to spend time with my family and friends when I'm so busy with homework and shifts, but being able to relax once in a while is crucial if you want everything to stay relaxed.

Think about the advantages about your hard work
Whenever I feel down about school and work, and not being able to see my family, friends, and boyfriend enough; I think about how much my hard work will benefit me in the future. I think about how amazing it will feel to have my degree and to not have to stress over school ever again. I also remember how my hard work in school will ensure a career I love, and a great future for myself, and future family. Think about how it all will be in the long run.

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