Thursday, 28 April 2016

How To Conquer Worry

I wrote a post of my favourite well-being books, and I included a book called How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. It's a book for not only those who suffer with anxiety, but everyone who has a tendency to worry. Worrying is not only really unproductive, but it is horrible to your health. Not just mentally, but physically. Having anxiety only makes worrying worst. This book has several different sections, all containing tips on how to stop worrying. There was one that stood out to me, and it was a step by step way on how to conquer worry. I wanted to share it, considering a lot of my readers suffer with anxiety, or know someone who does. Having an anxious mind, it is really hard to follow steps, and to stop yourself from overthinking. I haven't mastered this technique yet, but I'm positive that once I do, I will worry a lot less than I do now. If you'd like to read the book, I have inserted the Amazon link here.

For the purpose of this post, I'm going to make up a hypothetical situation in which I might be worried. Let's say I lied to a life long friend about something very important, and I'm scared she might find out.

The book states that there are 4 questions you should ask yourself when you're in a worrying situation. What am I worrying about? What can I do about it? What am I going to do about it? When do I start? I believe this is a good way to figure out if what your worrying about is legitimate, or your anxiety. The following is a formula to use if you have a worry problem, that Willis H. Carrier, an American engineer created:

  1. Ask yourself "What is the worst thing that can possibly happen?"
  2. Prepare to accept it if you have to.
  3. Calmly proceed to improve on the worst.

So let's apply that to the hypothetical situation I created.

1. What is the worst thing that can possibly happen?
If my friend finds out that I lied to her from hearing it through somebody else. She can become angry with me. She becomes so angry that she decides she wants to end our friendship, despite us knowing each other all our lives. 

2. Prepare to accept it.
Doing this will make the situation a lot less worst if it happens. If I were to accept that because of the lie I told, I might lose a close friend of mine, then it won't be a crazily drastic thing. It's something that I expected.

3. Calmly proceed to improve on the worst. 
I know that the worst possible situation is a falling out with a friend. I accepted the fact that it might happen, but what can I do to prevent it? I can tell her I lied to her myself. This way, she would find out from me, and not from somebody else. This might help her regain trust in me, and not jeopardize our friendship. So, now I've accepted the worst that could happen, and tried to improve on it. Because I accepted the worst possible outcome, working on bettering the situation will not only prevent worry- but help you be more productive.

I'm sad to say that this will not cure your anxiety (boo). But, if you are worrying about a particular situation, this is a good way to be productive about it. There is nothing worse than being so distracted by worry, that you can't focus on anything else. This formula might take some practice, but I think with enough willpower, it would be easy to perfect. I'm trying to accomplish this technique at the moment, and I'm looking forward to a more peaceful mind. I hope this post helped anyone who worries as much as I do. I really wanted to share it, because I thought it was really good advice, and that some of my readers would benefit from it. If you have any further questions, leave a comment, or message me on any of my social media platforms! Although I'm no expert, I'm happy to help.


  1. I actually read this book quite a few years ago and also found it to be brilliant - it provides the foundation thoughts to build on, so useful! I love your point of considering the worst that could happen and accepting it :)

    1. It's really informative, and is great if you deal with any sort of anxiety. Thank you!

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  4. Absolutely loved this. Very inspiring & uplifting. Thank you for sharing xx

    Jac Fleurant

  5. Such a good post, I'm a big worrier myself and it's hard to get rid of the mind set of just asking 'what if's. It's so tiresome as well. I think even just having the support of people around you can make a lot of difference.

    Sally - DiagonSally