Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Vince Interviews Girls: My First Podcast

     Last week, I had the pleasure of being on my good friends podcast. My good friend Vince has a podcast he uploads to Soundcloud, and the particular series I was apart of was called Vince Interviews Girls which is exactly what it sounds like. Vince interviews one of his female friends on different topics. His first upload, he talked about the NFL with one of his friends, and I really enjoyed listening to it, although I'm not a big fan of sports. So of course, I was excited when Vince asked me if I wanted to be featured on this series and talk about mental illness. I have always told Vince that I really enjoyed listening to his podcasts, so when he asked me to be apart of one, I was really looking forward to it, but also quite nervous considering I've never done one before. What I loved about this podcast was that it wasn't really a formal interview, it was more so two friends talking about their struggle with mental illness, giving tips, and just having a casual conversation. I'll leave the audio below if you want to have a listen, and I'm also going to leave links to Vince's blog and soundcloud for you to check out. I'm only the second girl to be featured on his podcast, but I highly suggest you click back, there are going to be a number of topics he and another friend talks about. I hope you enjoy. I want to give a huge thank you to Vince for having me, please check out the links I provided, you won't be disappointed!

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