Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dreams Incoreporated Interview!

     Hello everyone! I've been extremely busy, so I apologize for not posting anything recently, but I have something exciting to share. Dreams Incoreporated is a company created by two lovely ladies named Cassandra and Ashley, and their goal is to help young dreamers overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. They want to help everyone fulfill their dreams, no matter what your story might be, and let people know that it is possible to live the life you want, no matter what challenges life has given you. They started a campaign called #EmbraceYourStory where they feature people like me, who have been through hard times but got through it, and use those times to help them shine brighter than ever. I got to answer some of their questions about my mental health, and how it completely took over my life at one point, but later got through it, and how it has shaped me to the happy person I am today. You can watch that interview here:

     What's amazing about Dreams Incoreporated is that they don't just focus on mental health. They have featured many different challenges on their series, and continue to post videos that give amazing advice. Like me, they want to encourage people to share their stories to help others. If you'd like to be apart of their #EmbraceYourStory series, you can email Cassandra and Ashley at They have some links that I'll write down at the end of this post so you can check them out. I highly suggest going on their pages, they post constant inspiration that target absolutely everyone. I want to thank Cassandra and Ashley for the amazing opportunity and for helping me #EmbraceMyStory to help other dreamers that are going through the same thing I have gone through!

Dreams Incoreporated 
Instagram: @dreamsincoreporated 

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